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The Picture War

because stupid pictures hurt a lot more than explosives

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Welcome to picture_war! We're a community for people to post stupid pictures (drawn or manipulated) and enjoy a good laugh. We mods (kusano and bo___jangles) were tired of taking up space in our own journals with said pictures and wanted to get others to join in on the fun, so we created this place. To see some of the original picture fights and get an idea of what a "stupid picture" is, go here.

To give credit where credit is due, the layout and icon were done by bo___jangles.


Even though we're pretty laid-back, there are some ground rules that should be followed. Not following them will get you a sarcastic remark as a warning. (Or you'll just get banned, depending on whether we like you or not. Yes, we are biased. Deal with it.)

1.) Pictures must have been done by the person posting them. By "done," we mean drawn or somehow edited. Please don't post a picture that hasn't been edited at all, even if it is funny.

2.) Pictures can be MS Paint drawings, Photoshopped pictures, etc. Just make them as funny/stupid as possible.

3.) Pictures do not need to be of any specific group of people. We just happen to like making them of Japanese idols. They can be of anyone you please -- an American celebrity, an anime or cartoon character, your family members, or even some random people that you found on Google. Hell, they don't even need to be people. They can be of food for all we care.

4.) As of right now, there are no rules as to where pictures should be posted. In a new post, in a comment on someone else's post... it doesn't really matter.

5.) If you decide to post a picture in a new post, place the picture under a cut and do not friends-lock it.

6.) Please do not flame or insult another person for any reason. Whether it's something they said or a picture they made that offended you -- under no circumstances. If you want to have it out with them, take it out of the community. We'd like to be a good-humored group of people, but that won't happen if everyone decides to argue.

7.) [NEW RULE - added 8.12.05] If you join the community, please, at least try to be active. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to make your own pictures, but do make an effort to comment every once in a while or when something gives you a particularly good laugh. If you're not going to comment, just watch the community. None of the posts are friends-locked, so you won't be missing anything. We don't like meaningless existences here, and if we happen to think that you are one, you'll most definitely be booted from the community.

8.) Lastly, have fun. :D We made this community with the sole purpose of making ourselves and others laugh.

to make a picture...

In case there are people out there who are unclear on how to make a stupid picture, we've set up a quick little guideline on how to do so.

1.) If you're going to draw it, draw it. You can use a program like MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop. Once you're finished drawing, skip to step five.

2.) If you're planning on doing a manipulation, the first thing you'll need is an idea. Got one? Good. If you can't think of anything, browse through some pictures and let your imagination run wild. We find that to be a very effective brainstorming process.

3.) Next, you need images for your picture. You can look at this post for links to random useful galleries (although it's mostly Japanese idols at the moment). Pick a suitable image of your subject(s). If you need props (such as objects for them to be holding, backgrounds, etc.), go to Google Image Search and do a search for the object in question. Beware, though -- if SafeSearch isn't on, there's no telling what you'll get.

4.) Now to put the pieces together. Gather your images and head over to an image editing program (MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc.), where you should proceed to open them. We're not going to go in-depth on how to edit, since that's something that you should learn to do on your own.

5.) Once you're done making (or drawing) your picture, you need to upload it. We suggest that you use Photobucket, which is very reliable.

6.) Finally, you post in somewhere in the community. Not that hard, huh?


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the mods. Don't worry, we don't bite or anything. XD