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first try?

haha yeah i was going to make it half assed...but i decided to make everything myself. wtf it's not funny anymore :( i lose.

but i found this. to go with it.

Johnny Wonka. I swear, mans.
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hahahaha johnny wonka <333333 oh god junno.. he's a dorky, tap-dancing clown oompa loompa..thing. XD
XD 6.66 sex~!
muahahahahaha love the Junno one he looks freaky man.

I wouldn't eat the candy though since it has the gremlin kame on it...he scares me so mummy.

This is soo funny, I cracked up when I saw it. The slogan is the best.
D: I totally meant to comment on this ages ago, but I'm stupid and forgot multiple times.

XDDD OMG GENIUS. I can't remember if I was drinking something when I first saw this, but if I was, I probably snorted it up my nose when I saw "6.66 sex." AND JUNNO. XD I love him. HE'S SUCH A FREAK. Yeah, Junno. Chocolate. Whatever. XDDD
haha but no one gets the 311 joke. darnit.

but still yay. XD
I GET THE 311 JOKE. *PWNS everyone*

that is crack. wonderful, beautous, everlasting crack.

and it absolutely grand. junno is definietly at his hottest in that picture. XP
Johnny Wonka pwnz. It'll make Johnny Depp a run for his money. Or maybe the Oompa Loompas, I think. XD.