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The Picture War [entries|friends|calendar]
The Picture War

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Jun Essence - The Shampoo All Fan Girls Want! [Thursday, Jan 12th, 2006 ]

Okay, I posted this in my LJ a little while ago, but I've just fallen upon this community, and thought it would be a great "hello I'm catsfilmingtea post! ^__^'

"The Shampoo Every Fan Girl Wants"

Read more...Collapse )

- Rachel
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[Monday, Nov 21st, 2005 ]
[ mood | crazy ]

the breakfast of champions.Collapse )

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Kat-tun is easy to tease. [Monday, Nov 21st, 2005 ]

[ mood | amused ]

I'll leave Kame alone, I love him. Well...right now I'll leave him alone.


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Pi's Dream [Wednesday, Oct 26th, 2005 ]

[ mood | artistic ]

I've been a member for awhile, but this is the first picture I have submitted. Hhahha, I love this community.

Whew!!!Collapse )

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[Sunday, Oct 16th, 2005 ]

[ mood | OHOHOHO ]

Okay, so I found this in my mom's car and realized that I had drawn it a few months ago, but I still think it's so hilarious that it just belongs here (because it just fits the "stupid picture" label). Not sure if anyone in the comm besides kusano and I will find this funny, but, still... it's worth a try. XDDDD

wtf pokemon?Collapse )

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Aiba~! [Wednesday, Oct 12th, 2005 ]

So, we opened up a RP community [shaky_needles]. And this is something that stemmed from it. Aiba just happened to be giving everyone "welcome Jello" ...

I am so sorry D:Collapse )
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[Thursday, Oct 6th, 2005 ]

This idea has been plaguing me for over a month, but because that stupid bastard of a hurricane, Katrina, destroyed my house and computer and all of that good stuff, I had to wait until I got a new computer to make it on. BUT I FINALLY DID IT. Take that, bastard hurricane!


This is so cheesy it that isn't even funny. D:
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[Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2005 ]

[ mood | awake ]

domo mackey and domoPiCollapse )

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[Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2005 ]
[ mood | amused ]

aiba has a secret loveCollapse )

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ARASHI MAKES YOU LIVE. [Monday, Sep 26th, 2005 ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I see this community hasn't been getting much action, HO HO HO that will change since I just joined with the great frenzyheart/jidai

What Arashi says to mathCollapse )

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Bubbleman goes back in time! [Saturday, Aug 13th, 2005 ]

[ mood | XDDD ]

more of everyone's favorite mascot -- BUBBLEMANCollapse )

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LET'S GO TO THE PLANETS~ [Wednesday, Aug 10th, 2005 ]

[ mood | WTF XDDD ]

Okay, I have an explanation for this...  I swear.  XD  You see, the first time I heard the NEWS song "LET'S GO TO THE PLANETS," I got a mental image... of the Magic School Bus.  I'm assuming it's because I remembered that time they went to space.  But, yeah.  That spawned THIS:

What?Collapse )
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first try? [Sunday, Aug 7th, 2005 ]

[ mood | omgwtf ]

i want this candy ;o;Collapse )

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[Sunday, Aug 7th, 2005 ]

[ mood | hungry ]

This community rocks! This pic is lame, but I tried. :9

What Happens In Vegas Stays In VegasCollapse )

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[Friday, Aug 5th, 2005 ]


Yeah, so to also welcome people(WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME FEEL FREE TO MAKE PICTURES PLEASE  D: D:) and counter Kristen's double picture attack(based partly on the stuff I said, mind you!  XDDD), I've made a picture of my own.

Maru likes the wilderness creaturesCollapse )
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[Friday, Aug 5th, 2005 ]

[ mood | AHAHAHAAAAA ]

So... yeah.  We've been kinda dead as of late.  D:  Internet problems and house guests and life in general.  Becky and I checked the community info earlier and realized that we had some new members, whom we'd like to welcome.


a few random zazie-ismsCollapse )
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YO [Friday, Jul 22nd, 2005 ]

[ mood | FAITOOOO ]

In continuance of the old every-other-Saturday-night picture fights, we'll be having one tomorrow night. Anyone is free to join, of course. XD It'll take place on this post.

Arashi challenges YOUCollapse )
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Where is Jimmy Mackey? [Tuesday, Jul 19th, 2005 ]



can YOU spot him?!Collapse )

Because finding Jimmy Mackey in any Johnny's event is kind of like "Where is Waldo."  You KNOW he's there... you just can't pick out the freak in the flamboyant clothes.  XD
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Pfftt... [Monday, Jul 18th, 2005 ]


My first contribution to the stupidity that is to come.

Somewhere over the rainbowCollapse )

Bubbleman shall return in my next post...  I swear it.
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Official Welcome! [Sunday, Jul 17th, 2005 ]

[ mood | YAYYYY ]

We'd like to welcome everyone to picture_war, which is officially open for business!  At the same time, we're proud to introduce our mascot, Bubbleman.

Doesn't he look all geared-up and ready to go?  Hopefully, you guys are as excited as he is!  To get us started, I have one contribution to make:

since all images from here on out should be under cuts...Collapse )

From here on out, anyone is free to post!  Go ahead~  XDDD
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